5kw solar system price in Pakistan

5kW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Who Should Buy 5kW Solar Panels?

Many homeowners ask us what the typical size of a solar power system is. Although the required size of a system depends on many factors, the majority of homes in Pakistan can be powered with a 5 kW solar system, making it one of the most common system sizes.

The 5 kW solar system is the most preferred choice for people who consume about 600-700 units of electricity/month. NK Solar Energy has a network of competent solar engineers across the country that are trusted by thousands of homeowners.

Roof space & panels required for a 5kW Solar System:

Most common residential solar panels are rated around 550watts these days, a 5 kilowatt (5,000 watt) solar system will require about 10 solar panels. Such a typical solar panel is around 2.2m x 1.1m, therefore a 5kW system will require about 30 to 35 m2 of roof space.

5kW Solar System Cost:

In Pakistan's average cost of a 5 kW solar system is between 764,000pkr to 1083,000pkr.

5kw Solar System Offered By Us


Price of 5KW hybrid Grid Solar System with longi himo6 of 575w solar panel with (solarmax orian 6kw) inverter

Pkr 948,850

Energy Produced by a 5 kW System:

On average, a 5 kW system will produce roughly 670-700 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity per month, or between 8,000 and 8,500 kWhs per year.


Home Appliances That Can Run On 5kW Solar System:

A 5kW solar system will generate about 22-25 kWh of electricity each day. This is enough to power electrical appliances such as 2 AC 1.5 Ton ,1 Fridge, 1 Water Pump ,1 Iron , 4 Fans , 10 Lights (With load management)

Payback Period:

While the exact length will be unique for everyone, we’ve estimated that it will take roughly 3 to 4 years to pay off a 5-kW solar panel system.

By installing this 5 KW Solar System, you will be able to save on average 50,000-53,000 Rs Monthly and 600,000-636,000 annually (based on your energy consumption).

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